Monday, March 8, 2010

simple threads...

Through a very lovely comment I was introduced to the work of Carla Paoliello.
She has a lovely but minimal blog that gives us a little bit of a taste of her work. Sadly it is all in another language and I have no idea what any of it says. So all I can share is a few images of her work and my take on it.

On a side note she has a list of links that take you to some very fabulous embroidery artists so you should check it out if you are looking for more inspiration.

I love the work in her intimacy recorded series with its simple use of bright red thread and crisp clean white linens. The hanging threads in this color palette reminds me of a few other artists and really seem to work with the images of figures caught in an moment of privacy.

Her white on white crying figures in her series, boys don't cry simply emphasize the vulnerability of the act of crying and the familiar emotion of wanting to disappear or hide as the images almost do. Also very subtle and clever in her use of the handkerchief as her canvas. I wonder if these specific found hankies have dried some tears already.

and the series possible cities is heavy with possibility. I like these works themselves but I also cannot help but want to see the actual figures somehow re-created in the places of the photographs. I would love to fall upon a suspended thread silhouette in an unexpected place.

See more of her work here and perhaps if you can read the language get some more incite. If you learn anything new let me know.

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carla paoliello said...

thank you for your lovely words.