Tuesday, March 9, 2010

unwoven words.

I was able to pop in over to the Brooklyn Arts council last week to see the exhibit Glitch Generation co-curated by my fabulous studio mate and- I was delighted and impressed by the very high quality of the exhibit. I especially was drawn to the work of Margo Wolowiec. Margo takes deconstruction to a new and incredibly clean and minimal level. Most of her works are woven works, that are unwoven, and then re-woven. Talk about some time commitment.

Her works have a simplicity that is almost austere. In a strange way it reminds me of the incredible work of Agnes Martin with its simplicity and palette.

She talks about her work:
Working with both the process and concept of weaving, unweaving, and reweaving text into cloth, these works play with the metaphor of linking text and memory with woven canvas. The word "text" etymologically stems from the Latin "texere," which literally means "to weave." Representing the ways in which we socially communicate, or mis-communicate, through Facebook status updates, these weavings physically depict the layering of constructed and deconstructed sentences until the point of obliteration. The cloth becomes a tangible holder of temporal information and data, visualizing the dynamic and information-ridden online community while suggesting that we are all linked through a complex network of interconnected threads.

Two text combined in Morse code.

These are hand drafted weave patterns generated by translating words, (anonymous facebook status updates,) into Morse code and recreated in graphite. Need I say it but Fascinating!

See more of Margo's work here.

Her work would be a perfect submission for the upcoming show that I am curating.

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