Friday, March 19, 2010

mind space and spring air.

I went and heard Kiki Smith do a gallery talk at the Brooklyn Museum and though it was super crowded, a little hard to hear, and little 9 month preggers me had to stand the entire time. It was not surprisingly worth it.

I have been lucky enough to hear Kiki speak a few times both formally and informally and I always get a lot from it. She is a very honest artist that is incredibly comfortable with whom she is as an artist which is simply put awesome and a little rare.

The exhibit Sojourn is well worth the visit made mostly up of some new large scale ink drawings...dealing with the life cycle of birth, life, and death- as always her imperfect hand, crinkly paper, and thoughtful use of glitter made for some super lovely work.
AND ... the additional works in the Brooklyn Museum's period rooms are especially nice and unexpected and it gets you to walk through the period rooms which are one of the museums best kept secrets.

So I did not actually get work done in my studio very much but the great weather and Kiki's talk reminded me sometimes the best thing for your studio practice is to just give your brain time to think, mind space... so that it what the rest of my day looks like.

and tomorrow I have a small group of undergrads in for a studio visit- my nice freshly cleaned studio.
Have a lovely weekend, I hope your weather is as lovely as ours


Sister in Second-hand Sequins..... said...

Oh so jealous! Hope the studio visit goes well.

Joetta M. said...

kiki was great and the studio visit was great. maybe kiki will come by you sometime:)

Sonya said...

I will have to try and make it to the exhibit. An excuse to visit NY! Thanks for posting the links.

Joetta M. said...

it is worth it, it is great and very "fresh" feeling for kiki's work.