Wednesday, March 3, 2010

family pages...

I enjoy the simplicity and potential implied in the work of the young artist Alissa Joy Kloet. I found Alissa's work through the Fiber Arts student showcase. Her minimal website only gives you a taste of her work and the direction it is going in. But it is just enough to intrigue.

I especially love the series in which she translates old photos in the simplest way - of form and line. Using minimal color, allowing it to have full impact, and allowing negative space to work with the image implying time, memory, past, and perhaps lost. This series reminds me of the AMAZING lace works of artist Dorie Millerson.

Alissa talks about her relationship to the family album:

I love looking through old albums - with faded covers and creaky bindings - filled with photographs that carry me back to an idealized past. I try to understand the people in these photographs through my work... the methods I use to illustrate and explore themes of nostalgia, family and a lifestyle of constant learning and discovery.

Seeing such lovely work from a young BFA student excites me to wonder what will come next in her work as she evolves and matures as an artist.

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karen said...
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karen said...

love this! her work almost looks like printed material the way she has embroidered the shadows..