Tuesday, March 2, 2010

woven works...

Check out these amazing woven tapestries by artist Anton Veenstra. I am running out so cannot write much but the images are enough eye candy I am sure to lead you over to his website.

He states:
Fiber work is most closely connected to every phase of life:
it conveys an essential life wisdom but its constituents
combine, not collaborate, yarns strand but they remain individual
in colour and texture...
My personal philosophy is of self disclosure, being true to one's own
nature while interacting with the universe...
Tapestry and textile work
generally are able to make powerful statements, using a domestic rather than monumental
scale demands a closer scrutiny by the viewer and involves them intimately.
That an image can be woven into cloth is the ongoing miracle of woven tapestry.

Antons work us often very political and always inspiring in his obvious skill at weaving.

He also make some super gorgeous button work....

His website has a few statements that talk about his series. He inspires me as someday, someday, I would love to learn to weave myself.
See more work here.

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