Tuesday, March 23, 2010

an illustrated world...

The highly detailed and illustrative style of Camille Canales is fun and colorful and makes me think of all the joys of spring. Camille uses traditional techniques of beading, silkscreen, embroidery, and applique to create some very fun and whimsical work.

The detail shots of her work really bring their beauty home for the viewer. Check out these french knots!!! ( a detail from the work above.)

Camille's whimsical ways and characters remind me of on of my favorite artists, whom I realize I have never featured so I will have to do that this week. But in thinking of his work I wonder how wonderful it might be if Camille's work took on a much larger scale inviting us literally into her world.

Camille discusses how her process allows her to cope with the fast paced digital world that we live in:

The characters and landscapes I create are an escape for me. Using traditional craft methods like embroidery and beadwork, I slowly build up the surfaces in my drawings and paintings...

I feel disconnected from our society’s rapid advancement in technology and our subsequent loss of non-digital leisure. I long for a time when things were made for craftsmanship rather than obsolescence. Obsessively stitching bio-mechanical figures is my way of grappling with these issues. The repetitive motions in sewing allow my mind to wander around environments of my sole creation, leaving me to figure out reasons for their existence. I find satisfaction in my artistic control of these places that at times feel more tangible and manageable than the world I live in.

See more of Camille's work here. Camille also was a recent artist for the Lillstreet Textiles Roof in Chicago. They have a call for proposals for this project, deadline is very soon. The details are:

The deadline for Summer/Fall 10 proposals is April15th.

Lillstreet Rooftop Flags

The flags are made at the cost of the artist, but Lillstreet provides rooftop space for an opening reception. Flags are up for one month.

Flags fly above a community arts center, so should not contain incendiary images or text. Flags are installed on the roof of a three story building, so big images work best. Small details/text will not be visible from the street. Materials should be water/wind proof. Past flags have been made of heavy cotton/ nylon. Flags can be square/rectangular/triangular, but should not be longer than 3' in any direction. Two 1" grommets must be installed on the flat edge for attachment to the flag poles.

Proposal should contain: Drawing of all four flags, detailed list of materials used, current resume, and an artists' statement.

Please direct all inquiries/proposals to rebeccaringquist (at) gmail com

Now accepting proposals for Summer/Fall 2010.

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