Monday, March 29, 2010

hair raising.

Wow, do I so want to see this seemingly awesome exhibit, Hair Tactics, at the Jersey City Musuem.

The press release states:
Hair Tactics explores hair as subject matter and medium. Increasingly, artists have begun to use both real and synthetic human hair to create works of art. Some use synthetic hair because it is widely and inexpensively available in urban neighborhoods, others because it is laden with social and political meaning, and still others because they are exploring the human obsession with hair. Texts written in hair, fancy hair motifs used to decorate a love letter, extravagant and multi-colored wigs, drawings featuring hair-covered bodies, and ladies with elaborate up-dos are all featured in Hair Tactics

I have always found hair to be a fascinating and at times truly beautiful medium to work with. I can only imagine that this exhibit will inspire, gross out, and amaze my artist self. I hope that I can make it out to the exhibit.

In addition the museum has an installation done in hair by artists Hermanas Iglesias that looks very cool and very "galactical."

The show is up until August 22.

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