Wednesday, March 31, 2010

not fiber, but so lovely.

Today I am featuring the photographer, Paul Octavious. Simply because his recent series moves me. The series, Same hill different day, is a documentation of the same hill in a Chicago park over the last 2 years. The resulting images document the incredible seasonal journey of our earth, and the ever changing life of the humans that inhabit it.

In other worlds the images are simply beautiful.

I have always loved projects that document the same place or moment over time, tracking the passage of our lives.

He also has a number of other truly lovely series, see more of his work here.


Patty said...

Oh wow I love that concept, same hill different day ;) thanks for posting!

Lydia said...

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Joetta M. said...

thanks lydia.
and yes it is such a great concept i agree and the location was just perfect:)