Thursday, March 25, 2010

narrative quilts.

the gorgeous narrative quilts of Kim Eichler-Messmer have me totally inspired. I have often wanted to get a little bit more into quilting and seeing these highly detailed and uber gorgeous illustrative quilts I am pumped to get my mind thinking. It makes me so excited to see such detailed and textured work with quilting.

I love her use of hand dyed & silk screened textures in the background it adds so much depth and originality to her work.

She states:
My current work revolves around the themes of family, history and nature. I believe that the past has never really passed and that we are the products of those who came before us. Families are shaped by the experiences, decisions, victories and defeats of the preceding generations, even generations lost from conscious memory. My work attempts to explore my own family’s past and how it has shaped my actions and beliefs. I also explore in the work how my feelings about families in general relate to my thoughts on nature. Both can be comforting and peaceful while also containing the potential for great danger, sadness or disappointment.

I work intuitively, allowing memories, emotions, and associations to flow through me as I construct each piece. Repeated imagery, frayed edges, translucent overlays and hand stitching are standard elements in my work. I use a wide variety of surface design techniques, such as dyeing, screen-printing, direct application of dye and pigment, embroidery, appliqué, discharge, and piecing to construct large and small-scale quilts for the wall. I am interested in the mystery, haziness and uncertainty of life and nature. These ideas come through in my work.

Her words are just as lovely as her work. To see more check her website out. She also has a great blog that covers her process.

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Kim Eichler-Messmer said...

Thanks for including me on your delightful blog!