Friday, March 12, 2010

painted piles.

I am delighted to have been asked to participate in what I think will be an amazing exhibit at the The Art Complex Museum in a few years. I was asked to be one of 4 artists who will have a long term exhibit, Self/Fabricating. This exhibit will be of 4 fabulous female artists making work that is autobiographical and incorporating fiber. It has been put together by 2 fabulous ladies, Lesley Schomp and Candice Smith Corby. I was unfamiliar with Candice's work but she finally got her website up and running and I am smitten.

Candice makes plenty of super gorgeous works on fiber where she paints highly detailed images that reference the home, the female, and perhaps a little bit of chaos.

I find her work refreshing and unique in its approach and style.

But what I really love are her wall works. She paints directly on the wall or on wallpaper -piles of furniture and general house stuff.

Using her impressive skill to recreate sumptuous fabrics, textiles, and upholstry. And... I love them. I would love to someday get a painting of a pile of couches in my own home.

A statement from an independent curator, ,states:

The narratives in Smith Corby's intricate paintings navigate through the muddied waters of traditional female imagery, carving-out a space for new ideas to grow. Smith Corby uses scale, color, and astute drawing skills to communicate her ideas, creating mignon environments delicately painted on found objects, fabric, canvas, and paper or transformed into large-scale wall installations. Interestingly, her found fabric napkins, doilies, and furniture are reminiscent of the familiar objects one carries through life, which have an energy of their own because of memories, and emotions from their past. Similarly, Smith Corby’s renderings on these ordinary objects transform them into magical goods.

Well said! I am so delighted to be exhibiting with her in the future and cannot wait to see what the exhibit manifests itself into. See more of her work here.

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