Tuesday, March 16, 2010

gorgeous white walls.

a glimpse of the very nice entrance gallery.

So I trekked my uber pregnant body into Manhattan to check out the space for from the tongue and was quite happy with the space. It is in a super great area of Tribeca with great restaurants, a sprinkling of galleries, and very high end shopping. Street level with the entrance calling for some super large colorful pieces- so get your minds thinking.
The space itself is very bright, high ceilings, with some gorgeous chandeliers.

the huge back corner- there is a very open corner to the right as well. HIGH ceilings.

a nice big showcase wall behind the desk.

The initial walk in space, which is all gallery, is smaller but very lovely. You can see through the back to the salon to another great big space of wall that really would love some creative, colorful installation pieces. In general, a lot of work can fit into the space and color will do well as it is big, bright, and white.

gorgeous street level entrance.

I am very excited to see what folks submit and how the show will come together. Hopefully next week I can check out the Greenwich Village satellite space too as it is also street level and is a corner space so will get lots of traffic seeing the work.

Please, Please pass the word about the call. Ok now I have to get to working on my own show that opens in early April.

Thanks to here for a mentioning me and here for featuring my work.


kim said...

hey joetta, when is the submission deadline? thanks

Joetta M. said...

it is mentioned in the details but a little hidden, May 7 is the deadline. Hope to see you submit:)

Razmataz said...

You have so much energy and I LOVE your art. Sometimes when hunting linens for my business, I come across a piece that I say "this is like a Joetta Maue".

Enjoy your blog and how you showcase artists.

Joetta M. said...

thank you so much, you are so very kind. So nice to think you see my work as you linen shop. i just love sorting through all those linens:)