Tuesday, March 4, 2008

better days tomorrow

So the day got worse and then better.  
It seems a lot of people are feeling down and out today out in Blogland.  
Hmmmm, maybe its the moon. (that's what C always says)
I am better, drinking wine...chardonnay
Listening to some fab Madeleine Peyroux a french singer always works magic for me
and getting ready to try a new recipe asian green bean and linguine salad.

Hope your night(or morning) is great.

And I am going to Chelsea tomorrow and having lunch with my good friend, that is looking up.


Liz said...

i had a weird day myself. we had a meeting at work that put me in a strange head space. in any case...i am glad you feel better (thanks good tunes & fermented grapes!)...I also have to say...your place is fabulous! cant wait to visit one of these days. and you look wonderful as always. keep up the good bloggin'- i really love reading it.

bronwyn said...

I love Medeleine! You're right, there did seem to be a collective slump(myself included)yesterday. I'm glad you found your way out. I've never met another Bronwyn, but I've been told that it is common in Austrailia of all places. I would imagine Wales, but Austrailia? Hmmm...

pia said...

is this your place? i love this! it is so beautiful! i'm just catching up on your posts...

Jo said...

yep, this is my little, sunny, yellow, kitchen. I have been meaning to post my apartment but...I always seem to have something else I want to share instead...maybe in the next few weeks.
I am glad you like it:)