Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Women of the cloth, Pt 2.

self portait with son

This is artist Leslie Schomp, a professor at the College of the Holy Cross, coincidentally so are they...
The top work is at the Women of Cloth show, the other work was found online.
Unfortunately, she does not have much of a web presence so I do not have much information to share. But her work is so lovely.  

She embroiders with her hair, which I cannot even imagine how she does that but... she does and it is gorgeous.  The images have a very photographic quality.

I also love how the 2 portraits are presented on the little stands, it is a good resolution for presentation.

and since she is a mother, I still need help with this...


Jenny Pagé said...

Leslie currently has some work at the Essex art center in Lawrence-3/09

Joetta said...

oh yes I know...I know the curator there and she told me. I so wish I could go by and see it as her work is oh so lovley:)