Friday, March 28, 2008

time, time, what time.

I am running around. Trying to figure out how I am going to get caught up.
and why  I am doing all this.
agh... life can be so hectic and it is so easy to lose perspective.
As soon as I was home from Seattle I was rushing back to Mass. and will soon be rushing back to NYC.  All while trying to apply for jobs, prepare my show, write my thesis, be a wife, clean my house, love my kitties...oh and take care of  myself?  Apparently the plants got forgotten, whoops.

I think I need a down day, agh!!!!! 

I love all your comments so much, they give me a little lift in  my step.
Thanks so much.
I will try to fit in a more thorough post of sorts later today.
But glad to be back and have lots to share.....


bronwyn said...

Welcome back. Need a vacation from your vacation, huh?

Jo said...

don't you always:)

Diana @ PleaseSir said...

I hate when life is so rush-rush. My friend and I have a saying "we just need some time" when we are stressed out. Seems like you just need some time!

Annie said...

Ah, I'm doing the wife, mom, school teacher, thesis writing thing, so I hear you. And, inexplicably, I took a break from the thesis yesterday to purchase guinea pigs. Because I need another thing to take care of around here! Good luck, get some rest and try to keep your perspective. Things always get done (even if they aren't super perfect).

Jo said...

the guineas will give you more love111


"i just need some time" PLEASE, haha