Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Feeling droopy...

So it is gray and rainy and it is the hump day and I am feeling droopy.
I really want to wallow in my bed and be lazy, especially since my hips are sore from the last 2 days of yoga...good sore, but sore.
But alas no wallowing allowed, though I slept in nice, so who I am to complain.
Maybe I will do some reading for my thesis research, or knit for my show, or....wallow in bed?
Anyway here are some inspiring find out in the blogworld that just sort of made my days...

and her crying babies and these 2 cuties.

I already feel less droopy as I re-look at this stuff.
Thanks...Have a un-droopy day.


Diana said...

I love those kind of days! I have off Friday and can't wait to sleep in.

Liz said...

I am coming to MA on Friday March 28-Sunday March 30. will you be around?