Tuesday, March 4, 2008

no caffeine

I have no coffee in my house to start my day, not good.
As a result,  I am not wanting house guests today, so I am dropping the idea of the tour of my house in a week.  Instead I will drop rooms in here and there as my mood suits it.  So sorry...You are disappointed right?  this is a sneak peek at the kitchen.

Other people seem to be having fun weeks in blog world.
guest breakfasts over here
a gigantic celebration of green...
a hark back to "good old fashioned" sexism...  the ridiculousness reminds me of a little book I have on How to keep you man, I am feeling I need to dig it out and share the insanity and hilariousness of it soon.

Please note that I have updated my blog list and daily reads, so take some time to check out my new finds and new loves in the blog world.
My fave post today was all the posts over at Black Eiffel, I especially like the Phoebe Washburn post, awesome art.

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