Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Women of Cloth, Pt. 1.

So I finally have time to share the amazing artists from the Women of Cloth Exhibition I am in.
Because I know that we all only have a moment to visit each others blogs instead of sharing them all at once I will do one at a time. That way they each will get the attention they deserve.

The opening was a huge success.   I was so impressed with the crowd and they are having 3 conferences in the building this month, so more people to see, and an artist talk this Thursday at 1pm.  I do not think I can make it but it would be so interesting.

Laying, 2006 &2007 

Wife and Sometimes, 2007
This is my work (above and the top image).  I really liked how the curator arranged the pillows, they worked in the space very well.  And the embroideries looked great... she actually interpreted them different but I liked it. Sometimes it is nice to see how others look at and arrange your work.

This piece is called Tablecloth and is by Kasia Bytnerowicz
I believe this was my favorite piece in the show (and my Dad's, he was my date)  She had 2 pieces in the show like this and they are lovely.  She paints on burlap and through an embroidery technique she creates the detail, she uses negative space in the embroidery (such as taking away the cloth) to create a truly lovely image.  I wish I could afford this because I LOVE IT.
Here are some more images from her website:

I have so many great women artists to share with you as a result of this show and my performance I will have material for posts for weeks now....hope you enjoy....



Hi Jo, thank you for stopping by Heart Handmade today. Your pillowcases look delightful and I would be curious to know how you would've have styled them differently.

Jo said...

They have been styled as a pile in the center of the room... and as rows along the wall.
But they change so much as which ones are on top, etc.
It is always interesting how they look with each show:)