Friday, March 21, 2008

she does it all...

Blue Radial Scottish Waters, detail

  Branches Becoming Breaking Waves
Unraveled Coastline as Isles

Another friend and colleague is having an opening this week in Chelsea. 

Jeremy's was great last night and packed, I mean crowded, and hot.
It reminds me of all those summer openings you end up going to and sweating to death at...
hopefully I will be in one of those???

Anyway Shona Macdonald is a beautiful artist, loving mama, and committed professor. So yes she does it all, and for me, a woman who wants to do it all, she is a true role model.
Her work is really beautiful and very subtle.  She deals a lot with the ideas of landscape but in a non-traditional way. 

Sea of Envelopes


This work (above) will be at the show and I am so excited to see it in person.  These are really large collages created from part of the inside of european envelopes (the part you lick).  I imagine both texturally and color wise they are interesting.

These (above) are from a recent series, Materials Passing Through.  Shona made these within the last year or so, while she was adjusting to a new place, new job, new house, new studio, oh... and she was pregnant with her 2nd child too.  Piles neatly arranged seem to put me at peace too, we try to order the chaos of our lives.
Her show is at Reeves Contemporary in Chelsea.  And I highly recommend stopping by.
She is also showing with Beth Galston, who looks pretty great too.

Hanging Vines

Luminous Gardens

Ice Forest

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