Thursday, March 20, 2008

sound as art

My friend and colleague Jeremy Boyle has an opening tonight at Hudson Franklin in Chelsea.
Jeremy makes work mostly dealing with sound.  
But not sound art in which we hear, more like are that is "about" sound.  For example he has made sculptures that represent the wave lengths of white noise and pink noise visually...and he does explorations in color. This piece is a color wheel made of plant growths.

With a background in engineering and a previous life as a musician he also builds instruments that he plays from a computer system and is in the process of constructing an entire band.

His work is very fascinating and intelligent and is presented in a very pristine minimalist way.
If you are in Chelsea, because there are lots of openings tonight and this weekend, make sure to take a peek.

He also happens to be married to the amazing Wendy from Moop handmade bags.  They are sweet designs and so utlilitarian.

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