Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Color Rules?

From Sequence by Jenny Perlin

I just had a great meeting with my Thesis Chair (in her great little space in Manhattan, flooded with light)  and she had so many great suggestions to think about for my presentation.  I have to admit that I am getting so excited.  
One of the major suggestions was thinking more about how I present the work as I deal with color...
Perhaps set up rules
or codes
or systems 
in the installation....
And I have to say I am intrigued as I start to think about what that means for the work.
And then she showed me her....

From Sequence by Jenny Perlin

and after researching  artist Jenny Perlin and reading about what she does I am really inspired and intrigued.  
She has a show opening next week in Manahattan, I will have to go see it so I can see the subtleties of the work.    Here are some more images of other work and she has a vast filmography as well.

From Addendum by Jenny Perlin

From Box Office by Jenny Perlin

I am looking forward to researching her more...
and of course since I am thinking about color I have to go to the Color Chart show at the MoMA.


maditi said...

color rules indeed :)
best of luck with your presentation!

Jo said...

thanks, i need all the luck i can get :)