Sunday, March 30, 2008

sad day...

This image is from this morning when we were basking in the loveliness of a simple Sunday.
But today has taken a tough turn.

Our new "neighbors" a mama and papa bird and their eggs have lost in the battle of nature.
The eggs have been lost.  But Mama and Papa are ok.
C and I are very sad. 
I must say I truly loved saying my morning hello's and having little conversations with the little family.  

I debated if I should share this news with you.
But the reality is death, sadness, and loss is a part of life.  And though in the grand scheme of things this loss is small.  Even the small losses create sadness much like the small joys create great moments and lives.

Enjoy all the little moments of life in your day today.


Jo said...

me too.

pia said...

that is so sad, i'm sorry to hear this jo. i am hoping for the best with my neighbours nest, the weather has been so un-spring-like that i am concerned the eggs will not hatch. And everytime mama leaves the nest to get herself something to eat I freak out, hoping nothing will come to get the eggs.

PS this is the life of us who work from home! The little details make our day and get us through our long projects.

PPS your links on my blog are fixed! check and let me know xx

Jo said...

yeah... i thought the same thing about the eggs we had. so cold and rainy....
the little things really do make the difference.
Its funny what you care about changes when you are home all day, and the small changes change so much.
Thanks for the link fix:)