Thursday, March 6, 2008

when love needs a laugh...

So some days C is not my favorite person and perhaps this week that happened a few times.
I mean it is pretty stressful me going back and forth from mass to nyc.
Me being a student.
Him having a hard and stressful job.
But whenever we have one of those moments, days, or weeks as soon as I get away from him I remember things that I love about him that I often overlook in the day to day of living so this is for C today.

When we are miles apart, one of the things I miss about you is your laugh.
Your many laughs.
They are contagious.
You infect me with your love.
                                                  from Joanna Frueh's performance Mouthpiece

C has the most contagious laugh I have ever heard and I appreciate that today. Maybe we could all try to remember to appreciate something we love about someone that we often overlook.

and Joanna Frueh is amazing, I have just been introduced to her but so far she has brought tears to my eyes atleast twice.


Liz said...

break a leg in DC! That is wonderful.

Joanna Goddard said...

so sweet, i totally agree with this post.

red thread said...

what sweet and honest words.

i got to your blog through pia's blog. the photo above seems perfect for her my heart wanders project.

Jo said...

my heart does wander... I am so glad you all could connect to this...:)