Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Chelsea Highlights.

So I spent the day in Chelsea today.
I began with a very constructive meeting and then moved on to perusing the galleries.
The best part, though it was somewhat overcast, was that it was so warm today.
I only needed a light jacket.
Oh spring you are on your way.

Anyway these were the highlights for me:

This show consists of very large scale silver gelatin prints.
They are incredibly beautiful and to be honest the web images just do not even feel like the same work.  Braekman prints on extremely matte paper and creates a flatness in the image that does not come across on the web.  His images evoke a stillness and a emotional response that is unique.  I highly recomend checking them out in person if you can.

Next is Jill Weinstock at Charles Cowles Gallery.
I already now her work and like it.  She creates sculpture by dipping/combining clothing with rubber and resin.
This show did not dissapoint.
I really like how she used light boxes to illuminate some of her pieces.  It really changed them as objects and for me in a good way.

and last but not least is berlin based artist Chiharu Shiota at Goff + Rosenthal.
This piece is an intricate web of black string wrapping around a number of small and charred school chairs.  The string drawings are quite lovely as well.
I saw this bed piece at the Rose Art Museum a number of years ago and really loved it but until now had forgotten about this artist.  I am glad she was brought to my attention again

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