Saturday, March 1, 2008

a little gift...

This is the photograph I sent my youngest sister in  law, J, for her birthday.
She is at the age of first developing her apartment so I figure everyone can use a photograph to hang up.

It is a nice thing to receive an unexpected gift... and to me one of the unexpected gifts of being married is the "sisters" it adds to my life.
I "inherited" 2 more sisters and one of the most amazing and unique nieces in the universe when I married my husband.  
And I have to say it has been one of the best of many unexpected gifts.

I am looking forward to a trip we, the girls, will be taking in early April.
Me and my 2 sister in laws and mother in law are taking a late ski trip that will end with a "girlicious" spa day...I am already counting down the days for the spa day.

J the birthday girl who received the image above just turned 21 so needless to say we three will be consuming many glasses of red wine.

What are some of the unexpected gifts of getting married for you?


amy t sharp said...

I feel the same way
gaining family is lovely...we will be married 9 years this month and I have these amazing people in my life...It is sublime...sharing life together...
have fun on yr trip

Molly said...

Well, now, what a lucky SIL! :)

For my own: my own family is a bit, um, nutty, so marrying into one that has stability in the leave-it-to-beaver sense of unspoken patience and giving has been so good for me.

And I just mailed your morning images two days ago, so you should get them soon!! I will also make a feature post just as soon as I receive yours. :)


Jo said...

thanks for sharing your families love too.