Tuesday, March 18, 2008

favorite things...

The Red Blaze- is the morning

                                                              Except in song

My 2 favorite things to see used in art are pretty much birds ands fabric/thread...
and artist Bonita Sennott uses both.  I really liked the lace work and then when I researched further and found her collages I was floored...
I would really love to see her new work in person.
It seems that the paintings underneath the lace would be much more relevant in ones experience that way.  I would be interested to see the direction this work takes her as an artist.

Polar Privacy

The bird collages I love... but I am a total sucker for birds.   I really like the book pages in the background too...  the bird illustrations are so sweet, they remind me of some illustrations I bought for a Mexican poster that identified local birds.

                                                                                         A short summer, a vast sea

Coincidentally she lives near me in Mass.  teaching at one of the schools out there.  It's funny I keep finding artists that are near here or near there.  Small world.


Bonnie said...

I just discovered today your post about my exhibition. Thank you so very much. I thought the show passed unnoticed and have felt very sad about that. To my knowledge it didn't get any reviews or notices.

Joetta said...

yeah...many a shows seem to go unnoticed it can get very tiresome...down right exhausting. all we can do is keep trudging along and make what we love. and I do indeed find your work quite lovely.