Monday, March 10, 2008

a day of sun...

We had most of Sunday to enjoy a gorgeous day in D.C.
It was nice to sleep in and then enjoy the day.
C was beyond excited and fascinated by the layout of DC's government buildings.
They all line up in strange ways and apparantly reference masonic symbols.
We walked around, I indulged in a high fat a delicious coffee drink, and essentially just got to enjoy each other.
It seems hard to find time to do that lately with my hectic schedule and his work.

And yes this was my dinner.
A delicious waffle with nutella and red wine.  Now that is a treat....

The pictures in the trees are from this random circle of trees in the green leading up to the capitol building, very strange but lovely.
C gets credit for the 2 pictures that I am in.


ali said...

I'm moving to D.C. This post made me very excited; your day looks so nice.

Jo said...

it was so nice. i think you will love it, it seemed a place one could really love living in...:)

bronwyn said...

That is the best dinner ever!