Wednesday, March 19, 2008

spring guests!!!

Look at the lovely Mama that has moved in as our new neighbor.
She has built her little nest right inside our planter on the fire escape.
C said that he saw 2 eggs.
I am delighted that we get to watch this special part of spring...and we literally just look out the window.
Now I do question this Mama as she has my 3 kitties sitting at the window watching her all day, that sounds stressful to me.
I look forward to watching the birth of spring and my new quests...


pia said...

wow!! i've discovered we too have a nest built right out the window, i've counted four eggs so far! i will hopefully show them on the blog soon too. yay to spring!!

Jo said...

yay indeed. i feel privileged to have such delightful guests.
lovely post yesterday to you....