Thursday, March 20, 2008

things they do...

I memorized this poem when I was about 12 or so.
Since I was a bit odd, not out-casted but not "normal"... 
I memorized this,
so that whenever
I felt bad about being different I could just say this in my head and feel better.

And it still works.

I find it hard to understand others as they come and go
The things they do 
the things they say 
are things I just don't know.

So I think I'll try to fool them
and do things differently 
by trying just to understand myself
and let them understand me

By Javan

I do try to understand others now, but only by understanding myself first.
Hope you like it:)


design for mankind. said...

Ah, you have a lovely blog!

bronwyn said...

This speaks to me. I just might have to borrow it.

Jo said...

i love the word thankyou.

and B please borrow away all our good words should be shared......