Saturday, March 22, 2008

Spring love....

So we are not big easter people around here, to be honest if it were not for all the easter posts I might have forgotten.
But oh we are in love with spring so here is a list of a few things I love about spring...
1. sunshine
2. vegetables that taste good
3. C in a way better mood
4. open windows and fresh air (well kinda, we are in Brooklyn)
5. no socks, my toes hate socks
6. walks were you can slooow down
7. flowering trees (nyc is pretty good but in boston it takes your breathe away)
8. baby animals such as ...
9. spring cleaning
10. dresses coming out of the closet
11. did i mention no socks?
What are the things you love about spring?


Annie said...

I love strawberries and asparagus from the farmer's market and the end of little kid cold season.

pia said...

Joetta for some reason I never connected you with your blog until now! I see some of your My Heart Wanders pics on this post - I hope you don't mind, I linked all your entries to your website, perhaps I should link to the blog? Let me know. Sorry for not making the connection earlier ('duuuh' comes to mind) xx

Jo said...

pia- i would love a link to the blog if you don't mind. thanks.
It is funny how you find people in different ways and then realize they are the same people.
Thanks so much:)

Jo said...

strawberries, yum. my student brought chocolate covered strawberries to her critique today. awesome.