Monday, March 10, 2008

I performed...

So I am finally back from D.C., it was a hectic week and weekend but...
The performance was amazing.  I felt really great about my own performance and truly was inspired by the other women's.

We were sold out both nights and rocked it both nights.
I look forward to featuring some of the women in the next weeks.

But just to give you a sense of the performance there were pieces such as...
monologues about...
a therapist working with trauma victims
being single 
having an abortion (one women in the 1950's vs. one in the 2000's)
gender identity and changing ones sex
comedy about 
simply being a women
burlesque dance
and belly dance

IT WAS AMAZING and inspiring.

I hope to get the dvd at some point to share.
Thanks for everyones support and well wishes.

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Liz said...

is there anything i can see online about this event? it sounds so amazing!