Monday, March 3, 2008

Come on- a my house

So normally when I make new friends I invite them over to my house, so since I cannot invite you over I will bring my house to you.  This week I will give you a tour of my house and the special things in it.  So come on-a my house. (one of my favorite Rosemary Clooney songs.)
Above image is a selection of the many boots I have.  I am not a huge shoe person, but I love me some boots.  The most important boot is your FRYE, though it is an investment it pays itself off in the fabulousness of the boot.  Mine (far left) are over 10 years old and were re-soled by the oldest cobbler I could ever imagine.  The red ones though they look fabulous are not so comfy. And living in Mass. for 10 years you must have Sorels, they are the only way to keep your feet warm in the crazy snow.  Since I have been in NYC I have yet to need them.

Our Apartment is a common Brooklyn size, aka small, so we use our hallway entrance like a foyer.  Vintage chair from street, vintage table from Trailer Park,   Books waiting to be returned to friends, and of course our lucky cat from chinatown....
We did not paint the door red, but I am sooo happy that it is.

This is a very new addition to our "foyer" inspired by this.  I thought it would be a nice way to leave notes for C both sweet ones and necessary ones, and yes I am a wee bit cheesey.  
FYI: Guess what?  comes from many years of my Dad saying "I love you" in this way.

and we are lucky enough to have a skylight so we have lots of plants out here, with our way too many shoes, and an old rug... I would love to get a new rug but round ones are hard to find.  This one is a hand me down.

So because out apartment is so HUGE, note the sarcasm, you only get one "room" per day.
Trust me it will get over with quickly.  We only have 4 rooms.

Come back over tomorrow.

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