Wednesday, February 4, 2009

history and thread...

Artist Anna Keck stitches herself into her families history in a lovely way...blurring boundaries and softening the lines of reality.

Her techniques combine mono-printing and stitching...I use to mono print and have been playing with the idea of combining the printing process with my embroidery. So I am very inspired by Anna's work.

She states:
I’ve decided to imagine my own history by bringing photos of me into the collage. I’m not trying to rewrite to forget. I have very fond memories. I’m only trying to connect to a history that intrigues me, the past of my family. Sewing myself into my family’s memories makes me feel closer to them and connects me further.
To read her complete statement go here.

From this image I have a feeling that I would love, love her studio and could lose a few hours there.
see more of Anne.


Anna Keck said...

Thank you for the kind words and the post! ;)

Anna Keck

Joetta said... glad you like it and found it. Your work is lovely.

Brittany Noel said...

What a great way to explore your identity through family. I've been wanting to do something about my family for a while now. Great inspiration!

Anna Keck said...

I just realized that I saw your work in Stitch Spectacular! Your work is an inspiration as well!

Joetta said...

a- thanks so much.

b- i agree on all accounts:)

jennifer mao said...

these are phenomenal, thanks for sharing them!

Joetta said...

glad everybody liked this inspiring.