Thursday, February 26, 2009

the stitched brooch.

I tend to stay away from products in my features but while I was at Gallery Hanahou I noticed these amazing and detailed embroidered pins and key chains...When I asked who the artist was I was told it was the Japanese artist and designer Mao Numata whose brand goes by Tamao.
My reason for feature besides that they are very sweet is the technique-my understanding of the technique is that she transfers the original found images onto leather and then embroiders over them.

The result is a substantial and detailed little lovely. I would love to see the technique applied to a larger scale installation can you imagine a room full of embroidered toy soldiers, princesses, and giant hummingbirds...Oh how wonderful that would be. And with the background being leather they have a much more substantial and heavy look and feel than most embroideries.

I had never thought of transferring images and embroidering over them but I quite like the would create a very different result but I think just as interesting.
Maybe once I get settled into my new studio I will try it out?
So excited because I pick up the keys today...yay!


laura r. said...
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laura r. said...

thank you for posting about this artist.