Friday, February 13, 2009

ski and sun...

I am very excited because we are taking off for the weekend- we are heading upstate for some skiing and relaxation. A little valentine treat for us both.
But it might be more like ice skating then skiing with the warm weather...but it will still be great...

I am going to run to the studio to pick this piece up so I can work on it while we are away- along with another one. I am liking the technique of layering multiple images on each other with the simplicity of one color per layer- it ends up reading more like a drawing.
In the end there will be 3 images layered...might be something interesting to play with in future projects...
Actually I already have an idea I am super excited about in regards to this but need to figure out its logistics first.
The logistics always slow our creative brain down!

Check out this article on contemporary craft.

and Have a very love, filled, hug filled, and joy filled Valentine day weekend.


Brittany Noel said...

I really like the exploration of layering with this piece. Keep it coming!

Joetta said... is fun to try something different:)