Monday, February 16, 2009

warm feet and cold toes...

The weekend whizzed by as it always does...but our Valentine day was lovely. We skied all day and enjoyed the most delicious dinner at the best restaurant in the Catskills. Seriously yummy.

Unfortunately C got sick the next day so we went home early Sunday- where as I would have preferred staying for the day to enjoy the beauty of the area and being out of the city.
I can't always get what we want.

But my cold toes will now be warm in my awesome new moccasins....I always had these growing up. I would get a new pair every year and I loved um. Though I was the only one in school wearing them.
So I am excited to have a new pair for the adult version of me.
Thanks C.

Today I am looking forward to a day in the studio. We were able to stop by Micheal's and I got stocked up on some needed supplies and am ready to start stitching away...
Have a good P Day!

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