Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I wish...

she were my best friend.

This work is done and hooped. I am happy.

At first I was afraid that the pink in the 2nd layer was too saturated but now that the final presentation is done, I like it.

I enjoyed playing with layering one image over another and learned from a few mistakes since this was my first time doing it.
I look forward to playing with layers in the future and perhaps -
continuing with work from my family photos.

This one is all images of me and my sister-
I like the idea of having a grouping of images from my family albums hung on the wall-
like a family wall.

This one got finished just in time to be in a show at this space next week.


Anonymous said...

wow...this is gorgeous.

Brittany Noel said...

This is beautiful. I looooove the layering, you should do more! I deal a lot with the idea of family and memory. I may be starting a small project kind of similar to this, dealing with family.

Joetta said...

thank you.