Monday, February 9, 2009

sunshine starts the day.

It is so warm and sunny today...ecstatic about the sunshine and I am looking forward to being in my studio with the light streaming in...

The opening went great...there was a great turn out in general but also a great turn out of friends and folks for me. Support and love makes everything easier and better.

But of course as usual I forgot my camera and took no pictures...but I am hoping get some from other folks.

I was very excited to meet Orly Cogan, she was great and considering her career would be a great person for me to learn from and foster a relationship with.
Kristen Rask was very sweet and installed the show so it just looked really wonderful.
The show was written up as a "thing to do" on Friday in TimeOut...this is not it but another blurb.

I love this post and am delighted that I could inspire such wonderful words and honesty. Love it.
In general I do not link to random posts but this one just made me smile and in general this softer world always does.

How was your weekend?


patricia said...

joetta -- i went to the cape show friday and couldn't find your work -- i was so bummed -- i looked everywhere -- there was a good turnout so i didn't try to ask anyone about it -- i'm going to try to get over there again and ask...were your pieces embroidery pieces?

Joetta said...

Bummer!! They are 2 embroidered pieces...but there was a typo in my email originally and I found out late so perhaps they did not get there in time. But they should be over there now for sure. If you do go again please ask and let me bad the opening is when most people actually see the work. sorry to disappoint:(