Wednesday, February 11, 2009

warmth and sunshine.

I am so loving the sunshine and warmer weather...
I went out this morning for my walk with just a sweatshirt on and it was great.
Each morning my windows are streaming with sunshine...
It makes me sooo look forward to spring.

What signs of spring are you seeing?

But- we are going skiing this weekend.
So I hope it doesn't warm up too much.

I plan on going to Chelsea tomorrow and hope to see lost of great stuff to share with you.
a sweet post here.

Now I am off to the studio.


Liz said...

it is beautiful up here too. almost a tease, though. we all know winter is not gone yet. but for today everyone is enjoying the windows being open and the fresh air circulating. i am very appreciative of this! you seem well. still would LOVE to catch up at some point in our lives.

Brittany Noel said...

It was sunny here all weekend. I really loved and appreciated it. Today, it was foggy and rainy. But, I also love the rain. It is not snow. And it sounds like magic.

Joetta said...

yes... just a tease. Boo:(

and i love the idea of rain sounding like magic:)