Thursday, February 19, 2009

yearning for airy beautiful places...

So as I sit with my window open and my kitties noses get excited from the fresh air I am yearning for spring....
Spring always seems to bring magical places, sounds, and smells.
I think about cherry blossoms snowing down, laughter creeping up into my window, and sunlight on my eyelids.

And well, the interior photographs of Debi Treloar express exactly the kind of place that I want to get lost in and wander through today.
Her palette and use of light is just gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Since the work is commercial - she is not giving me a concept to go through these images with so I choose to create a little fairytale of spring. Will you wander with me?
To see more of her lovely work check out her website.

And speaking of my love of beds..ahhh.


being@becky said...

Joetta~ just had to leave you a message to let you know that your images, art, and words have become my "run-away" place. Not a serious running away, I'm too old for that now, but a sit deep down in a cushy overstuffed chair running away. I'm supposed to be working on some homework for a seminar on starting your own business and I am avoiding it at all costs. Thank you for providing a beautiful, inspiring, safe place to just be.


Joetta said...

B- Thank you so kindly for your sweet note. It made my morning. I am delighted that I can create a place that readers look forward to and enjoy. I never new the amazing journey starting this blog would take me on.
Thank you.

warmest regards-