Friday, February 20, 2009

studio piles...

Loving the sun...
the fact that it is Friday...
and that I am so happy in the studio this week.

These images are some piles around the studio- I have to say I love how now that I work mostly from images from my life and with fabric -my studio is such a lovely place.
I have piles of thread, linens, quarter flats, and photo's all around.

But next week my studio will end up being one giant pile...because I am moving into my new space on the first. I am so, so excited.
It will be much more private (just me and my studio mate)- have lovely light (2 giant windows)- and in general I am just going to put in the time to make it really nice. I already have a ton of ideas and plans. I cannot wait to share the space with all of you.
We ware going to have an open studio party once we are all settled- maybe you NY folk can stop by.

a huge thanks to 2 very special posts:
Robin wrote beautifully about how my work reminded her of a childhood memory and interviewed me to include my personal voice. I am honored to be so sweetly written about
The Butterfly Collector somehow found solace in one of my pieces- which simply humbles me

Thank you to all of my wonderful readers.


bronwyn said...

Yay for the new space! Glad all is well!

Joetta said...

yes, so excited I get the keys next week:)

Brittany Noel said...

I love your piles. I just organized my fabric and have only three piles now, all in boxes! Hooray :)

can't wait to see your new space!