Thursday, February 12, 2009

narrative thread...

Vadis Turner "Human Resource Hankie", 2006

I wish that I had heard about this show, Narrative Thread, early enough to see it...because the gallery looks great and the work includes many folks that I have posted about before and some super interesting other folks.

Lauren DiCioccio "thank you for shopping with us (brown/red)", thank you: have a nice day (blue flowers)" and "thank you: have a nice day (blue flowers)", 2008
hand embroidery on organza

Yes this above work by DiCiocco is embroidered...the detail is amazing and the concept though different reminds me of this work.

Adam Cohen “Full Auto Army Ant”, 2008.

Sandrine Pelletier “Queen”, 2007

I look forward to featuring and researching some of the artists in the show and have already featured Nava Lubeski, Paul Villinski, Orly Cogan.

but I am excited to see this show today in Chelsea.
and maybe even this movie.


Liz said...

those shopping bags are amazing!

Joetta said...

I know!!! The craft manship is very impressive...and the concept very clear.
Love it.

Brittany Noel said...

Wow. What a great collection of artists! I love that embroidery is having such a huge explosion in talent and is being recognized as a viable art form.

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